Monday, February 18, 2008

Out of luck with tourist attractions...

I don't often post up about things that I do outside of Charlton, however I'll make an exception this time as it's funny and informative.

I tried to go and see the Golden Hind last weekend, well lightening struck twice and as with Eltham Palace it was closed. There's maintenance going on and I think it's shut for the rest of February.

So we did the Clink museum, which was small but OK.

Then it was Vinopolis, which was booked up solid until the late afternoon. I've done Vinopolis before, it was a few years ago on a Saturday. So I didn't think that I'd have to book in advance, oh I was so very wrong.

So basically if you're off up to town and want to do any of those things wait until next month for the Golden Hind, don't get too excited about the Clink and book Vinopolis in advance.

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