Monday, February 11, 2008

It's rubbish day again!

Well Monday's here again and with it comes the excitement of the rubbish collection lottery.

So far the recycling and the black bags have been collected, which is all good. The green bin hasn't been dealt with yet but it's still pretty early.

On the subject of the black sacks a few weeks ago I posted up saying that I'd found details of the collection times for the various types of rubbish.

Well the information on the Council's web site appears to have been complete nonsense. Black sack collection seems to be done pretty early in the morning and the web site has been updated to remove the comment that said they'd be taken in the afternoon. So do get your black bags out early.

I spent some time recently with people who were really rather annoyed with the new rubbish scheme. I was actually defending the Council, well sort of. I was saying that the idea is something I'm really behind. However the implementation was the typical shoddy inept mess that we're used to the Council providing.

However two points that did come up and that I do agree with were that the green bin is way too large for what we now put into it and that it would be nice if there were bins for the black sack waste. Some people apparently do have a third red top bin, could the Council use that? Maybe they could issue black top bins for those that want them?

However I guess the counter point is that if there is a bin to dump black sack waste into then people may not bother with the whole recycling lark and just dump it. By only having one collection every two weeks and no bin to put it in there is a big incentive to put as little in the black sacks as possible.

On other fronts there are now things in motion that if taken to their conclusion will result in me leaving Charlton, indeed in me quite probably leaving London.

I still love London and I like being as close to the centre of it as I am. However as well as the things that are pulling me to other places the ineptitude of Greenwich Council and the "don't care" attitude from some local residents around here are certainly providing a push.

Nothing's definite but it's looking increasingly likely.

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sibonetic said...

Hope the Green bin got emptied, I noticed them still being emptied at 8pm the other night round my way. totally agree with you on the size of the Green Bin, its insane and unsightly for such a small amount of rubbish.
Hope you don't move away, would miss your Blog!