Sunday, May 13, 2007

Bar 38 @ West India Quay

After the Museum in Docklands, see previous entry, we were hungry and went looking for food. Bar 38 just down the quay was the place selected and in we trotted. I've been to Bar 38 for drinks a few times and in my opinion it's a trendy bar that's a tad overpriced and overbusy. This was the weekend though and the area's much quieter so in we went.

In "gastro pubs" I'm often never quite sure how it works, do you wait to be seated? Should you order at the bar? We went in and grabbed a table and then I had to hunt down a member of staff to find out how the food worked. It turns out you do order from your table rather than the bar. Once that had been sorted out, and I must admit I was a tad impatient and anxious as to what I was meant to be doing so maybe someone would have come over soon enough.

Sausage and Mash and Steak and Ale pie were ordered and arrived promptly enough.

I was keen on the Sausage and Mash, always a favourite of mine in a nice pub. A bit lacking on the gravy but the sausages were very nice with a generous portion of Mash.

The Pie didn't seem to be quite as good. It had only one decent sized chunk of steak in it which I happened to nab when I was offered a taster, the rest were much smaller and therefore in an inverse proportion to my guilt. Once again there wasn't quite enough gravy but it was admitted that what there was was very nice indeed. The Broccoli that came with it were done just right in my opinion, the orderer considering it an evil vegetable and not wanting it, cooked by crunchy.

So the food was on the good side of things.

I had some beers, which were fine. However my companion ordered a Woo Woo cocktail and was rather let down. It tasted a bit watered down, lacking in colour as well as flavour. A shame as she was looking forward to it.

It was rather pricey, the drinks especially, but all told it wasn't at all bad.

Oh and they've got almost unisex loos, a shared hand washing area with ladies and gents on different sides, still confusing when you first walk in and are desperate not to go the wrong way....

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