Thursday, May 24, 2007

Red Bull Air Race

The Red Bull Air Race is coming to London, to the Greenwich Peninsula to be precise.

Click Here for their web site. For details on the London race go to the Race Calendar menu option.

While there I saw something interesting:
10% of all general tickets will be given free to local residents of affected boroughs (Greenwich, Newham and Tower Hamlets).

I've got a new copy of the Greenwich Time paper from the council and they mention the air race with no mention of those free tickets.

The Red Bull web site continues:
Greenwich Council will be organising the distribution of their allocation of tickets. If you are a resident of the London Borough of Greenwich please contact Michele Ingram on 0208 921 6405 or by email at in order to apply for free tickets.

So I call them up and it turns out that they're giving the tickets first to "community groups" and then if there's any left the general public might get them. No mention of which groups are getting them. I'm a member of the local community living about half a mile from the river where the race will happen and will most certainly be "affected" by it. However because I'm not a member of whichever community group that's getting the tickets I've basically got no chance.

Newham and Tower Hamlets on the other side of the river are just doing a lottery type thing to assign their tickets which seems so much fairer.

So where are the tickets actually going?

Why didn't the Council mention them in Greenwich Time and encourage groups to contact them and apply for them.

How many members of the council will be getting in free?

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