Monday, May 14, 2007

Changes to the bin collections in 2008

The rumours that I read about a while ago appear to be true. Changes are on the way to the way that Greenwich Council deal with our rubbish. Read about it at the Council's web site.

Well in theory I think that's a good idea. With one flat still vacant here my recycling bin was stuffed full after two weeks. Over the last week I produced about a quarter bag of non-recyclable waste, some of which was organic so would go into the green bin under the new scheme.

I do hope that they give some clear instructions as to what sort of bin or bag we can use to pop waste into the organic bin with. They can't just expect us to tip it in. Fingers crossed they'll either give us some new bags to use or say that any biodegradable/compostable bag can be used.

Anyhow in theory it's a very good plan. It might also stop people throwing recyclable rubbish into the general rubbish bin which seems an easy and unresistable temptation for some people around here....

On a very personal note I do wonder what will happen to the bins on match day. At the moment fans fill them with all manner of rubbish as they pass them by with no heed to what they're meant to be for. Will I be held liable for this? There's no room off of the road for both of the bins so at least one will have to remain there.

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