Monday, May 07, 2007

Cho & Cho's, The Return

I returned to Chu & Cho's the other day, it's so local that it's very tempting. I was also curious to see if the original staff were still there at the weekend as I thought they might be. Well the answer appears to be no, which is a shame.

I did try the Thai meatballs which were OK, other far nicer things on the menu. They didn't have a whole lot of texture to them, maybe that's the point, but they didn't really float my boat. The sauce wasn't very flavoursome either. All told, a bit of a let down but not bad.

They did have a music evening planned for yesterday evening which was nice to see, at least that's continuing.

They also now server Tiger and Singha beer, which I guess was an obvious move.

A quick further thought on the dessert menu, it's now very akin to what you'd get in a Thai restaurant. I think there was fruit, a sweet rice dish and profiteroles. Thankfully I was once again too full to want anything further but it's a shame to know that my old favourites are now gone forever.....

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