Thursday, May 31, 2007

Italo Svevo

While sitting in Chu & Cho's Tapas Restaurant on Charlton Church Lane many months ago I noticed that the house opposite has a blue plaque it. That usually represents that some "important" person lived there at some point in the past.

It turns out that an Italian (well sort of, he was born in Austria) author by the name of Italo Svevo lived there from 1903 until 1913.

Click here for more information about him.

My favourite tale about him is his inability to give up smoking and his request for one final cigarette on his death bed, he promised that it truly would be his last one.

As a footnote it's very pleasant to write about something nice for once, I meant to do this last week but then there were those things with the car parking changes and the Red Bull air race.

Charlton Average, not just there for the bad things in life.

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Nat said...

Thanks for the info! I've seen that sign nearly every morning for the last 5 years... and always wondered!