Thursday, May 10, 2007

Going Against The Flow

Greenwich Council's official line about the suspension of the Tidal Flow lane in the Blackwall Tunnel until two days before it happened.

The fantastic Greenwich Watch web site have claimed that the council were in fact told about it in January. Keeping quiet about it would be bad enough but they also appear to have lied about it, which is appalling.

News Shopper have now also picked up on the story and are saying that they've seen documentary proof that TfL did indeed inform the Council in January as Greenwich Watch had claimed.

It would be easy for me to stick my head in the sand over this, I don't drive to work so in theory it doesn't affect me. However not only do the Council deserve to be called out over this but it may very be a part of a far bigger issue which does affect me, the apparent plans to introduce congestion charging in the area.

Anyhow please read the following links.
Greenwich Watch's Original Post
News Shopper's Story

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