Thursday, May 22, 2008

Councillor Parker responds...

After I made my last post about the rubbish piling up in my road again I emailed Councillor Gary Parker about the issue.

Part of what I said to him was:
However once again it's the same people making the same mess on my road.

I've asked this before and never had any kind of a substantial answer, what is being done to address this? It would make such a difference to the area if those few persistent residents who continue to ignore the new bin scheme could be helped out to do so.

So what is being done to tackle the actual causes of this rather than just the week on week on week symptoms?

And now he's replied, which in the interest of fairness I should point out he is quite good at:

I am discussing your email with council officers, and will respond in due course, I am on holiday next week, so if I am not able to get all the issues clarified in the next couple of days ,it maybe a week or so till I get back to you, with enforcement action there are some legal issues and they often need clarification or legal advice

I may be reading too much in to it but it doesn't seem that the "legal issues" have been given any consideration until relatively recently, consider that the new scheme has been in place for nearly four months no and was "planned" (cough) for some time before that.

Well we shall see.

I've asked him if efforts have been made to contact the people causing the problems to see if they need any help before they go waving the legal stick around, we shall see what comes back...

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