Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Rubbish on Repeat

Well the overflowing bins were emptied and the Council actually managed to get a nappy sack collection done this week, so all should be good.

Nope, the green bins at the top of the street are once again filling up with plastic rubbish sacks. As before it's the same house that's doing it.

After my last post Councillor Gary Parker responded again.

Regarding what to do with those residents who keep on putting the wrong rubbish out he had this to say:

Some work is being done regarding this but needs to be clarified, some work is currently being developed across departments in a number of services, including enforcement, but also includes advice and support on a number of environmental issues including waste collection.

Couple that up with his comment from about two weeks ago.

With enforcement action there are some legal issues and they often need clarification or legal advice.

So basically there's still nothing been done and they don't actually seem to know what they are going to do, they're still "developing" it.


Now maybe I'm naive from my years of working but whenever I've started work on any sort of a project one of the first questions that's raised is "OK, what happens if this goes wrong? What do we do to recover from it?"

With regards to the new bin scheme that never seems to have crossed the Councils mind and only now, four months into the system, are they beginning to wonder about it.

So the pattern for my road seems to be:

1) The street is filled with rubbish by the same people.
2) Either
a) A Councillor is needled into getting it cleaned up.
b) A residents reports it to Cleansweep and it's cleaned up.
3) Repeat from step 1.

Four months of the new scheme and two months of talking to my Councillors has not produced any change in that pattern.

For some reason I'm not very confident that we're going to see any change in it.


StoneMuse said...

I walked past the bins last week on way to a Charlton Life evening at Bartrams. Because the bins are so full, many passers-by are also using the bins to discard their waste from the chip shop up the road.

Charlton Average said...

True enough that does happen. However most of the rubbish in the bins is in bin bags, it's not casual passers by that are causing the trouble. The junk food then just makes a bad situation worse.