Thursday, May 08, 2008

2 months on, how effective are my Councillors?

Right, here we go, the rubbish situation....

During my travels Councillor Gary Parker emailed me again:

"I have been monitoring the situation and asked the Council to look at this situation again, re; enforcement of collection issues, they have promised to check on the situation and take appropriate action. I am sure you will let me know if there are still issues"

To open with isn't Councillor Parker a part of the Council? He's making it sound like it's some separate entity that he has words with now and again rather than something that I, somewhat foolishly, voted him on to.

And he's monitoring the situation is he? Well in that case then he's aware that the following photos show how my street looks today, indeed how I've seen it look for the past few days.

The car parking area between Floyd Road and the railway.
This is also the car parking area, those chairs have been there for about two months, I've got a photo to prove it (click here to see it).
The bins full of wrong and unemptied rubbish have once again reappeared at the top of the street. The drift from one side of the road to the other as the builders working opposite use them to seeming hold their gate shut.
Another week, another failure to collect nappies.

Now bear in mind that I wrote to my Councillors two months ago, and only the other day one of them personally emailed to tell me he was "monitoring the situation", how am I meant to feel?

This is the service and quality of life that two months of complaining, personal contact and assurance of action from the Council gives us.

I cannot see this in any other way than a complete failure of the Council and it's representatives to tackle the problem.

Councillor Parker I ask you what have you, as a part of the Council, done about "enforcement of collection issues"?

To any member of the Council that sees this, look at the photos above, how do you feel? If you feel that you can say anything slightly positive then come down to my road on a warm day and take a nice deep breath. If you can fight back the gag reflex and still be positive then you have my admiration, if not my respect.

I've given my local Councillors and the Director of Neighbourhood two months to try and crack this and they've patently failed. As soon as I get some more time I feel left with no option but to find some higher point to complain to.

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