Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Well another week away from Charlton in another part of the UK that seemingly doesn't have any problems keeping rubbish off of the street, which is a subject I will be returning too....

I've got a huge stack of things to get cleared over the next few days and bringing this Blog up to date is one of them.

So here we go....

Have you ever heard of Streetcar? I hadn't until a leaflet popped through my door the other week.

The basic idea is that you join up and gain access to a pool of cars for which you can book for as little as a 30 minute slot.

It turns out that Charlton has a number of cars, there's one in Wellington Avenue and a number in Sundorn Road.

This all sounds to be a really good idea for people who only really want/need a car to do an occasional large shopping run, which is about half of what I use my car for.

The hourly rate for a Polo seems to be just under £4, add onto that a yearly membership fee of £49.50 and if you do one big but quick shop a week it works out as being about £5. You get 30 miles of free petrol so there wouldn't be any charges for that either.

So basically, as said above, this seems to be a really good idea and a very positive initiative.

Has anyone out there used the service?

Anyway you can get more information here: http://www.streetcar.co.uk.

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