Sunday, May 11, 2008

What is the solution to the rubbish problem?

TroubleBrother left a comment on my last post.

He raised some good and challenging points so I thought it worthwhile giving a proper response.

Yes I know it is certain people along the street making the mess. While I agree that my street seems to have more than it's fair share of them walking about the area does show that I'm not alone. Friends nearby also report similar problems, though again perhaps not at the same scale.

However these problems never happened under the old bin scheme. The council have introduced a new system with seemingly no thought given as to what to do, which I simply do not believe is the right thing to do. You can't introduce such a big shift in so a basic a service, a service that many of us just take foregranted, without planning for the problems that non-compliance will cause.

So yes it's wrong that people are doing what they're doing, but the Council should have "disaster recovery" plans in place.

Personally I feel that they should be talking to the residents who are doing this, some old fashioned human contact with someone popping around to see if they have a problem. In the end there should be a final recourse of taking their bins away and "punishing" them under some form of fly tipping legislation.

As for forming a group, well to be honest I wouldn't know where to begin. There have been a couple of "problems" with my immediate neighbours and the new bin scheme and I've spoken to them and it's been fine ever since. When it comes to people that I don't know, and bearing in mind those are the people who are so selfish/ignorant/stupid so as to keep on fouling the street week after week after week, I really feel unable to just go knocking on their door and to say "Oi! No!"

I do hope that I'm doing something a bit more constructive than just whinging. As I've said before it looks like my time in Charlton is drawing to a close and it's tempting to just say "Oh s*d it" and let the street look how the Council and certain residents are happy for it to do so. However I'm trying to not fall into the trap of not giving a damn about my area and resolved myself to do something, I hope that I am.

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