Thursday, May 22, 2008

Greenwich style bin schemes elsewhere...

The NewShopper reports that Bromley Council are looking into implementing a new rubbish collection scheme. It will be somewhat similar to Greenwich's in that recyclable and compostable waste will be taken weekly, other things bi-weekly.

There's been a bit of a lively discussion about it in the comments section and in the end Councillor Colin Smith of Bromley chipped in with his thoughts. One part of his comments was quite interesting....

"It certainly WONT be like the Greenwich scheme. That's precisely why we are watching, waiting and seeing how other Borough's progress their schemes first to ensure we avoid similar mistakes."

So not only do many Greenwich residents think the new rubbish scheme is a bit, well, rubbish but other local Council's and their residents think so too. Their Council have to explicitly state that what they're doing won't by anything like what Greenwich have done in order to try and reassure people.

Meanwhile Greenwich Council are happy to keep their heads stuck in the sand and the only official comments are to admit a few "teething problems".

Councillor Colin Smith has commented again about Greenwich:

"I'm loathe to criticise another Council, even one of a different political hue as every Council is moving in this direction and doing so as best they can, but we won't be using Greenwich's model."

He might be loathe to criticise but he is quite keen to once again point out that Bromley will not be copying Greenwich.

Our Council seems to be some sort of byword for doing the job badly. Well unless you believe Greenwich Time, in which case everything is peachy, oh yes.

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