Friday, May 09, 2008

There's been a tidy up...

Councillor Parker emailed me in response to either my email or my last post. He said that he was dealing with the matter.

Well it looks like he has been good to his word and there has been a tidy up.
  • The car parking area has had the big pile of rubbish taken away and the chairs perched over the bins have gone as well.
  • Nappy sacks appear to have now been collected.
  • The bins at the top of the road have been emptied

The only slight niggle is that the wooden crate that was perched atop the bins is still there on the pavement and full of recyclable materials. Will the recycling bin men on Monday see it as there responsibility to take it? We shall see.

Anyhow this is a good start but it is not the solution.

Will the situation be allowed to develop again?

Have measures been taken to tackle the actual causes of the problem rather than just the symptoms?

Constantly reacting to rubbish in the streets isn't going to solve the problem. I shouldn't have to keep badgering my Councillors or doing silly charts about monkeys (though I must admit I've learned a lot about them now, which is nice) in order to keep the streets as clean as they were prior to the new bin scheme.

I want to believe that Councillor Parker and his colleagues really are on top of this, but four months into the new scheme and with no end to the problems in sight I've got my doubts.

Still fingers crossed.

Let's see if the Council really can deliver this time.

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troublebrother said...

I'm not sure what the solution is. You do not seem to have one apart from spamming the council.

Its your neigbours who are creating the mess - not the council. If you cross into Delafield road you dont see the same level of mess, missfilled bins and a collective failure to understand the new collection rules.

Rather than whinge, why dont you do what what other residents have done and form a group and then talk to your anti social niegbours about the mess they are leaving outside everyone house.