Monday, June 25, 2007

Charlton Safer Neighbourhood Team

A comment by Audrey to a post below has made me aware that there is a Safer Neighbourhood Team for Charlton. I wasn't totally sure what one of those was so I went and looked it up.

A page on the Met Police's web site defines them as:

The officers on your Safer Neighbourhoods team spend most of their time out on patrol in your neighbourhood, meeting the community and identifying and dealing with those crimes and issues you have told us cause you most concern. Therefore, your team adjusts its shift pattern to address these priority issues.

Your Safer Neighbourhoods team wants to hear from you. If your call is not answered, please do leave a message on the answerphone or send them an email. A member of the team will get back to you.

The details for the Charlton Team are:

Sgt Adrian Musgrave
PC Jason Roy
PC Phillip Crowther
PCSO rachael Clark
PCSO Marian Nicol
PCSO Malcolm Gillespie
PCSO Sean Harvey

Charlton Team
3 Mar House, Springfield Grove, London

Phone: 020 8721 2736
Mobile: 07768 083607

I'm now wondering if I should contact them and find out what's going on with the house that was attacked. The police did attend both incidents so I presume that they've been dealt with but I must admit to being a bit worried about it happening again.

My eyes are definitely open for the future though, nice to know that there is somewhere you can go with concerns that aren't directly related to a particular incident that you might call 999 for.

Thanks to Audrey for making me aware of the team.

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