Monday, June 25, 2007

Stephen Marley at the O2

Tonight Stephen Marley played a free gig at the O2 on a stage they had set up in what they call the "London Piazza". His brothers Julian and Damian also put in appearances at various points.

It was actually rather good. Reggae's not really my biscuit and I was thinking I'd probably slope off after about half of the gig. However there was quite a good atmosphere, the sound was good and they were putting on a good show so I ended up enjoying it more than I thought I would and sticking there until the end.

So what did I think of the O2 on my second visit, well I'm still quite keen on it. About half the restaurants along Entertainment Avenue are open now. Well I say half the restaurants, half the restaurants you can walk past. There's still about a third of the Avenue that you couldn't get down, so let's say that I reckon about a third of the restaurants that will be there are open now.

One thing I notice more this time was how much of it all is just a facade. The Avenue looks quite nice but it really is just a nice facing build onto the units of the restaurants themselves. Still, as said, it does look nice.

The staff were very noticeable once again but they seemed less intrusive, still a heavy presence which is nice to see. If I did need to ask about something there would have been someone not too far away to approach.

After the show, which was pretty well attended, I skipped the bus and walked home along the river. I took a slow meander past the Millennium Village and got back to Charlton in just over half an hour, not bad at all.

Let's have some photos anyway.....

The blobby thing I'd seen on my last visit is in the London Piazza, looking at a map it seems to be the "O2 Chill". Kids were running about in there with a few adults sitting around the edges. Maybe I should have had a peep.....

A quick snap on my way home.

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