Friday, June 22, 2007

Local Youths....

I've had a letter through my door about the behaviour of local children.

Could it be about the two gangs of them chasing each other around carrying large pieces of wood the other night? Perhaps it's about the house up the road that's been stoned twice by a gang of youths.


Children have been playing football in the road.

Apparently it's been damaging cars and I've got to give a big thumbs up to the Council, Tenancy Services to be precise, for doing something about it.

On the other hand there's been some real anti social behaviour that seems to have gone un-commented upon. I think I've seen kids kicking a ball about once, so it's 50% less common than lynching a building.


Nigel said...

I'm afraid the council will be the last people to get called in with yob/anti-social behaviour problems.
It's down to you and other residents to call the police every time you see kids throwing stones at a house or fighting pitched battles with weapons.
Only when the offenders are identified and IF they are council tenants will the council be able to do anything about it.
If you are lucky then your local councillor may be able to raise problems with the police, but if you and your neighbours don't call the police then there is nothing anyone can do.

Playing football in the road, on the other hand, is not something that the police will want to waste time on, so it is more within the remit of the council. Do you see?

Anonymous said...

The Charlton neighbourhood police team would be the best people to contact, but the details aren't exactly advertised if you don't know about it:

Team Members:

Sgt Adrian Musgrave
PC Jason Roy
PC Phillip Crowther
PCSO rachael Clark
PCSO Marian Nicol
PCSO Malcolm Gillespie
PCSO Sean Harvey

Charlton Team
3 Mar House, Springfield Grove, London

020 8721 2734
07766 992585



Paul said...

One of the things that has made me glad I'm leaving Charlton is the sudden (in my eyes) rise in street attacks etc, especially gang related stuff.

Although I'm moving to Abbey Wood, so who knows what will happen

Charlton Average said...

I've wondered if the attacks on the house were gang related, it wasn't just random acts of violence and involved a number of people.

There did once seem to be another confrontation around there as well with a group running around seemingly letting off fireworks and calling out what sounded like a postcode.

What makes you think it's gang related?