Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Recyling Batteries

You can now recycle batteries at the recycling centres around the borough, well in theory anyway.

There's meant to be a new type of bin at the centres into which you can pop batteries including old mobile phone ones.

The closest centres to Charlton are at ASDA and up the hill at the car park of the Assembly Rooms.

At the moment a bit more can be read about this on the Council's Web Site here.

See, sometimes I can say nice things about the Council :)


Nigel said...

About time too!
I noticed one of these new battery bins recently, opposite Plumstead Common Co-op.
At work we have been saving them up and taking them to the tip, because they really poison the earth with heavy metals if they go into landfill sites. As far as I'm concerned all shops that sell batteries should be obliged to provide bins for them.
Anyway, well done Greenwich, better late than never!

Inspector Sands said...

Pink bins for "small electrical items" are also starting to appear. Although they're keeping quiet about those too...