Thursday, June 21, 2007

Special Events at the O2

There's a whole lot of special events happening at the O2 next week, they appear to be free.

You can get the details here. Details of what's happening on the Sunday, the final day of the Greenwich & Docklands International Festival, are here.

Aside from Snow Patrol, which is discounted, everything else should be free and most of the music is happening in the "London Piazza."

The preview night sounds especially tempting:
Your chance for an exclusive peek around the brand new O2. Live music, performance artists, drinks and once in a lifetime backstage tours. Spend the evening getting into the places no-one else gets to see including the star dressing rooms, VIP areas and executive suites. It’s all open exclusively for you.

The Marley brothers are also there that night so there should be some good music as well. I'll try and get there to have a look around.

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Nigel said...

Thanks for your info on this!
Without your blog I wouldn't have known about Sunday's events, and so my family wouldn't have enjoyed a great afternoon out.
The entertainment was fantastic - especially Sarruga's giant insects, and Aeroplum's zeppelin butterfly.
The place itself however seems to be a pimpy venture dedicated solely to relieving you of your money in as swift a manner as possible. It was depressing watching the "Raan" doorman spend the afternoon shooing weary elderly people and families from the otherwise empty 'outdoor' seating. Of course if you were prepared to pay £4 for a bottle of lager, or £3 for a coke....
I've heard that the new Wembley is a disheartening rip-off for food and drink too.....

Anyway, thanks for the tip.