Friday, June 29, 2007

Winns Common Great Get Together

With it's usual attention to providing advance notice of events Greenwich Council has sent out an email about the "Great Get Together" at Winns Common in Plumstead tomorrow (Saturday the 30th of June).

There seems to be a fair amount of things happening to amuse families and there's also a chance to talk to local Councillors.

Once again I've got to ask how much notice do the Council think families need to plan a day out?

Anyway the full details are available on the Council's web site here.

Click here to see a map of where the Common is.

Details about what a "Great Get Together" is and dates for ones past and forthcoming can be found here.

I'm tempted to go along and see what the Council has to say for itself, however I do have plans for tomorrow so we'll see if I can get the time to get over there or not.

PS: If you're interested in seeing the Council use the power of this interweb thing to keep you incredibly up to date with what's happening in Greenwich then have a look here

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