Saturday, March 15, 2008

Bins finally emptied!

I was very surprised this morning to see a rubbish lorry in my street, later I noticed that the overflowing bins have finally been emptied after sitting there for two months.


Could this be because I've reported those bins to Cleansweep at least three times (most recently over a week ago)?

On the other hand could it be because yesterday the BBC posted up my photos of the state that the Council had let my road degenerate to?

I get the feeling I know what really motivated the Council to do something...

So if your street looks like a rubbish dump and you want action it looks like you have to play the media game and try and shame the Council into doing something. Well that seems to be the lesson they're trying to teach us.

However the idiot at the top of the road has risen to the challenge of having the outside of his home looking semi-decent and has dumped another load of black bags on the pavement. There's not going to be a black bag collection for another week. Great. I feel another, probably pointless call, to Cleansweep coming along on Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Walked along your road this morning, and the black bags have been ripped open by animals, and are full of food stuff.
I wonder how long the television will be out on the pavement until that's collected.