Monday, March 17, 2008

Memories of Blow Up

A while ago I posted an entry about Maryon Park and how it was used in the film Blow Up.

Well an anonymous posted posted a comment to another entry that had some first hand local history.

He/she gives some memories of the filming of Blow Up and I really enjoyed reading them. So rather than have them tucked away I thought I'd post them up here.

Anonymous, whoever you maybe, I thank you very much.

I used to live in Woodland charlton.our house overlooked Maryon park.they are still there today.the film company asked our landlord at the time if they could paint the brickwork at the back of the properties.he refused so they built a false row of house fronts that you see in the film,When they were filming Blow and a friend took some beer glasses back to the white horse pub for David Hemmings He told his chauffer to take us for a ride in his rolls royce,he drove us down to Woolwich ferry and back,we felt like royalty.

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