Thursday, March 20, 2008

Even more rubbish

I've been away for a couple of days and on my return I was pleased to see that the piles of black sacks in Charlton Church Lane had been cleared. Then I turned the corner into Floyd Road was was confronted by a black sacks all along the top of the road.

To say I wasn't very happy was an understatement, I believed them to be the same bags that I had reported to Cleansweep a couple of days ago (see this post here).

So I ring up Cleansweep and am told that my first call has been closed, it's reopened. A new call is also logged with an emergency priority, remember tens of thousands of football fans will pour along this road tomorrow.

I then look closely at my new photo and the old one...

This is what was there a couple of days ago.
This is what is there today (apologies for it being a bit blurry).

It's not the same pile of rubbish.

Cleansweep say that they cleaned the street yesterday, and it appears that they did. So that new lot has appeared within the last day.

So who the hell is doing it? Is it the idiot at number 2? Is it the shop?

We'll see if the Council clean it up before the match.

As an aside I've also written letters to the Council and the three Councillors that represent this ward complaining both about the state of the streets and that the Council seem content to let it keep getting this bad time and time again.

The Councillors are Janet Gillman, Allan MacCarthy and Gary Parker. Click on their names for their details. If you're a local and you care about this area please contact them. A lone voice they might very well ignore but if a number of us try and do something about this maybe changes will happen.

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