Sunday, March 09, 2008

Do the Council care about Charlton?

I'm spitting teeth at the moment, truly.

I've just discovered that the Council are to close the Health and Fitness Centre at Charlton Football Ground. I discovered about it by reading a post on The Last Boy Scout's blog. Another source of the information is the icSouthLondon website which has the story here

Of course there's not a mention of this in the Greenwich Time propaganda rag, somehow despite Greenwich's substantial publicity budget they managed to skip that piece of information. They do manage to find room for lots of comments about how the Council share our priorities when it comes to spending our money.

Oh really?

Floyd Road looks like a rubbish dump despite numerous calls to Cleansweep.

Boasting about spending a whole £1m on tackling gang crime while spending £2.5 million more than other local authorities on publicity.

Cutting £500,000 from the budget for parks and open spaces. Do the Council really think that us residents would rather have Greenwich Time than parks and open spaces? Is it possible that if we're told enough how great Greenwich is we'll somehow overlook the lack of greenery?

What with the state of Floyd Road and now the closure of the really rather good health and fitness centre I'm left with the impression that the Council just really doesn't care at all about my area. Enough people around here are going to vote Labour regardless of what they do, we're irrelevant to them.

I've really had enough of Greenwich Council right now, I really want to get out of here. I'm a life long Labour supporter and while the national Government have managed to tarnish my opinions of Labour Greenwich Council have managed to really break my trust in it.

I'm going to keep on trying to get this street sorted out, letters will be written and so forth, but I know I'm on my way out now.

Oh and in case you're under the delusion that the members of the opposition have any interest in tackling this go and check out Councillor Nigel Fletcher's Blog. He's managed one post since the end of January and that was about the upcoming GLA elections how great Boris Johnson is.

Labour don't seem to care about Greenwich as they know they'll get elected whatever they do.

The opposition don't seem to care about Greenwich as they seem to view it as a leg up the political ladder.


Anonymous said...

Very sad!

The problem is, most people either do not realise what the council are doing - or they don;t care enough to do anything.

Very, very sad mate.

Inspector Sands said...

I was toying with joining as well.

And the council can f*ck themselves if they think I'm going to bloody Eltham.