Sunday, March 30, 2008

Neighbourhood Services join the Council's "couldn't give a monkey's" initiative

As I've already said I've written a letter to the three local Councillors who are meant to represent my area complaining about the problems with the new rubbish collection scheme.

To clarify what I mean by problems I mean that black bags are continually being put out in the wrong week, causing not only an eyesore but an obstruction to the pavement. Also bins that have the wrong waste in them are just left and are not being emptied. We had some bins at the top of my road that were left for about two months despite repeated calls to the Council.

Anyway, what I hinted at in the earlier post was that I also wrote to the Council about the issue. To be precise I complained to the Director of Neighbourhood Services. As it turns out he has a name, Jim Wintour, that isn't published on the who to complain to page.

So what is meant to happen when you complain?

Well the web page on the matter says:
  • We will try to confirm that we have received your complaint within five working days.
  • We will forward your complaint to the manager of the service concerned.
  • The manager will normally send you a full written reply within 15 working days of getting your complaint.

They should have got the letter on Thursday the 20th of March, so 5 working days passed yesterday on Friday the 28th.

Did I hear from them?

Of course not.

Now fair enough they do say that they will try to confirm within 5 days. However given their failure to reach that goal I feel compelled to add Jim Wintour to the Charlton Average Monkey Chart.

The Updated Charlton Average Monkey Chart!

Individual ContactedResponse TimeMonkey's Uncle

Councillor Janet Gillman
2 Working Days, no long term solution.

Councillor Allan MacCarthy
No ResponseCouldn't give a monkey's!

Councillor Gary Parker
No ResponseCouldn't give a monkey's!
Jim Wintour, Director of Neighbourhood ServicesNo confirmation within their own 5 day targetCouldn't give a monkey's!

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