Thursday, March 06, 2008

More Don't Care Didn't Care

Floyd road is looking like a rubbish dump again, people are putting the wrong stuff in the wrong bins and they're not being collected. Black bags are also being put out week on week in the wrong week. Ultimate fault for that lies with the selfish idiots doing it, however we're about 7 weeks into the new scheme and you think the Council would be doing something about those that are spoiling our neighbourhood. Well apparently not.

The idiot at the top of the street who was responsible for this is still at it. I don't think his/her bins have been emptied since the new scheme started and he/she keeps dumping rubbish in the street.

They're not alone either, walking down Floyd Road there's at least one more household of muppets who have perhaps entered into a "let's see who's the most selfish" competition with the people at the top.

This is what you'll see if you do my walk...
What is it with these people that they somehow see what the front of their home looks like and think it's acceptable? Do they blame the council perhaps for not taking it away? Have they not thought to wonder why everyone else's bins are being emptied?

I have a suspicion who's dumping the rubbish at the top of the road, I think I know their name.

As I mentioned here there was a box dumped amid the first pile of rubbish they put out that had a name and address on it, well here's a censored version of the photo that I took.Now do I name and shame them on here? That's of course presuming that the individual concerned actually has any sense of shame, which given the outside of their house is somewhat doubtful.

I've contacted Cleansweep about this before, I'll try again, that's if I can get through to them. If I don't get any joy I'm going to have to write to my local Councillor. This really is getting beyond a joke now. It's also good for my own peace of mind that I at least try to do something about getting this sorted out rather than just grumbling about it and the Council.

Every couple of weeks thousands of away supporting football fans pour into Charlton and walk down Floyd Road, those photos are one of the first impressions they'll get of Greenwich.

Considering that the Council see trying to protect and promote their image as being so important to them that they'll spend more than three other local Councils combined on publicity, which in turn is something more important to them than funding our youth you'd think that they would care about what visitors see. Apparently not.

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Anonymous said...

Great post C.A!

Just two words for you regarding this mess...

1. Summer
2. Rats!

Come the summer, there will be a real rat problem; unless these idiots either 'clean-up' their act or the council remove the crap.

Unbelievable mate!