Saturday, March 08, 2008

What "matters most" to the Council, what "matters most" to us?

I've had the latest issue of Greenwich Time popped through my door, which is good timing as I need something to line my green food caddy with.

The front page boasts about how the Council are spending £1 million on a new police initiative to fight gang crime. This, they say, is a "part of [the council's] ongoing commitment to focus Council spending on the issues and services that matter most to local residents."

Remember that Greenwich is the Council that spends £3.1 million on publicity every year.

Bexley, Bromley and Croydon each spend an average of just over £0.8 million a year each.

£1 million a year for tackling gang crime.

£2.5 million more every year than other local Council's to tell us how good the Council is.

I think it's pretty clear which are the "issues and services that matter most" to the Council and I don't think they're the ones that matter to local residents.

PS: I've brought the spending on publicity up several times and I don't apologise for doing it again. It's important that we know about it and if just one person reading this remembers to tackle a Council member about this come election time (which is about the only time that we see them) then I think it's worth it.

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