Monday, March 31, 2008

Return of the overflowing bins

Well it's Monday, it's rubbish day and Floyd Road should be about as clean as it's ever going to get. Which is to say that it looks like a rubbish dump again.

Cardboard boxes, polysterene and even a car battery are the latest adornments to our pavements. There are also a number of black sacks out and about despite their collection not being due until next Monday. To be fair though there are less than there often are, maybe the point is finally getting across.

To pick one particular area of trouble though let's have a look at how the top of Floyd Road looks...
Nicely stuffed and overfilling bins, great.

The Council's new rubbish scheme is now well into it's second month and the photos above are the result of it week after week after week.

Calls to Cleansweep eventually do appear to produce results and the area is tidied up, well I say calls to Cleansweep it might very well have been the BBC that finally got results.

Other than eventually reacting to the problem the Council don't appear to care about trying to actually solve the root cause. It would appear the clean streets are not something that the Council want to give us as a normal level of service, you have to moan and moan and moan just to get the streets clean for a few days.

Yes I know that in the end this is the fault of selfish/stupid local residents/shop keepers. However this never used to happen under the old rubbish collection system.

The rubbish and filth on our streets are the direct results of the Council's refusal to tackle the side effects of the scheme that they brought into place.

In the end the buck stops with them, and they seem quite happy to ignore it, they know they're going to get re-elected anyway.

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